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National Gallery of Australia, Kenneth Tyler Collection - Reflections on, 'Abandoned Book Study', Online Essay, 22 October 2018

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Art Monthly Australasia, ‘Is expanded painting a dirty word?’, Online Review, 02 October 2018

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PhotoAccess, 'No Signal', Sabrina Baker: Failing to Communicate Exhibition Catalogue, Huw Davies Gallery 25 May - 18 June 2017

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Art Almanac, 'Megan Keating and Samuel Johnston: The Onlooker', March 2017 Issue

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Topical Ointment, Founder & Contributor

A one year project established in 2015, Topical Ointment was an online magazine based in Canberra, Australia.  Founded to support emerging art practitioners it is was online platform for the discussion of contemporary art within Australia.  With essays, exhibition reviews and interviews, Topical Ointment represented the diversity of emerging contemporary artists, curators and writers within the region.  

     Topical Ointment, 'Present Past: Jorma Puranen's Imaginary Homecoming', Issue 02: Spectacle
     Topical Ointment, 'Teenage Witch a conversation with Celeste Juliet Aldahn', Issue 01: Transmission
     Topical Ointment, 'From Romanticised to Traumatised: Contemporary Australian Art and the Landscape', Issue 00: The Pilot Episode

     Topical Ointment, 'A review - Streetwise: Contemporary Print Culture', Issue 00: The Pilot Episode





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