Anja Loughhead's cross-disciplinary practice incorporates photography, drawing, video and performance. Through these materials, Loughhead uses her body as a method for communication as she engages with the economic and political systems that entangled cultural representation. Drawing on the history of Western photographic traditions Loughhead investigates how 19th century anthropological exploration has impacted visual systems of cultural communication to date.  She traces this legacy through the manipulation of archival records, memorabilia, and kitsch consumer goods that inform and perpetuate the construction of national identity. The grandchild of Finnish migrants, Loughhead uses these diverse methods of material research to question cultural representation and how these objects are tied to the ongoing global myth of racial difference.

In addition to this Anja Loughhead is an emerging curator and writer working in Queanbeyan, NSW. Loughhead's curatorial practice examines the political, cultural and environmental landscape of contemporary Australian society through interdisciplinary artists working in the region. Loughhead engages with a diverse range of practitioners who work with material, conceptual or performance based methods that utilise personal narratives and social histories to subvert national agendas.